Yes. You do Need a Phono Pre Amplifier.

Ok sure, but what is it, and what does it do?

At a basic level, a phono pre-amplifier, also called a phono stage (just two titles for the same thing), is a small device to make sure that your record player can connect to a normal sound system. It has two major jobs: it amplifies the tiny signal generated by your stylus, and it re-equalises the signal.

Keeping Clean


Vinyl is a very physical contact format. A real shard of diamond has to nestle into the groove of a record and read all of the subtle undulations of that black wax. It all happens on a very small scale. It’s not quite small enough to be literally called microscopic, but there’s over 120 grooves per CM of the average record. Considering there’s 2 sides to a groove, that means that your stylus won’t shift as far as a twentieth of a millimetre when reading music off a record. A grain of dust, a little bit of cotton fibre, the dried spittle from your drunken mate pontificating over the top of your stereo - any small obstruction can distort the way your record is read.

How To Play 78s

Most people also know that records come in two different speeds. The majority of records are played at 33 Revolutions Per Minute, and some, usually singles or special editions, are played at 45 RPM. There is an older format that runs at 78 RPM. This was the earliest format that we’d recognise as a “record”. Your ancestor’s gramophone ran 78 records as far back as the late 1880s.

How Do Our Turntables Achieve Such Accurate Speed Control?



All Pro-Ject Audio DC turntables have fantastically accurate speed control. There are a number of ways to drive a turntable platter, and we've selected the one that we believe is the very best.

Looking Back on Record Store Day 2015

So it's been a month since RSDA 2015! The team at Pro-Ject Australia enjoyed what most consider the best year yet. Next years event is set to build on the success of 2015 and be even bigger so pencil in Saturday 16th April 2016!

RSDA #designaproject Winner


Our winning design from @lukava

This year, we gave vinyl lovers the chance to imagine their own unique turntable design through our #designaproject competition on Instagram. We had tons of amazing entries and wish we could print them all.

Get The Most Out Of Your Debut or 1 Xpression Series Turntable

At Pro-Ject we go to great lengths when designing new turntables to get the best quality sound possible. One of the ways we can improve sound quality is by isolating the motor to avoid motor vibrations, or rumble, being transferred through the deck and ultimately your ears.

The Debut and 1Xpression series of turntables feature a suspended motor design that requires the two transport screws to be removed for optimum sound quality. 

Pro-Ject Audio Is Again The Official Turntable Partner of Record Store Day 2015!

The biggest turntable name in Australia is again partnered with the world's biggest vinyl day. Record Store Day 2015 is set to be huge.

Clean Records Sound Better

Clean records sound better so it's important keep your stylus and records clean of static and dust.

Learn more about how to keep your record system clean and enjoy high fidelity music.

Recording Vinyl To Your Computer

A phono stage is vital for listening to vinyl. Some of our inbuilt external ones also let you plug into your computer to record your vinyl. Want to make use of it but don't know how? Well let's break it down.