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Keeping your records clean and making them sound better!

Vinyl Life Blog

Vinyl Life Blog Keeping your records clean and making them sound better!

Whether you're buying brand-new or digging through dusty crates, cleaning your records and keeping them that way means they'll sound better, last longer, and be more gentle on your turntable. Here's a few simple ways you can keep your records sparkling and sounding their best every time.

Sweep away dust and debris


Brand new records can have leftover traces from the production plant in their grooves, so even your hot-off-the-presses vinyl could do with a clean. By sweeping away any loose debris before you drop the needle, you'll save it from building up on your stylus, which can impact your sound and even damage the delicate diamond that reads your records.

We recommend using the Brush It every time you pop a record on. Move the Brush It over the grooves as the record spins, starting at the label and moving outwards until you've swept any debris off the side. Taking a few seconds to clean each side will help keep your records and your stylus in peak condition. 

Give 'em a deep clean

Maybe you've made an amazing second-hand find that's in less-than-mint condition, or it might just be a beloved record that's been handled with more love than care over its many trips to the turntable. However they got there, fingerprints and other blemishes might need a more thorough scrub to get your record looking and sounding its best.

The Spin-Clean Record Washer System is just like a gentle bath for your records, with soft brushes to help wash away the grit and grime that can ruin your records, and a vinyl-tested washer fluid to help get rid of the stubborn stuff without damaging your records. If you're keen on crate-digging, the Spin-Clean is a must-have part of your vinyl kit - or if your record collection extends into the hundreds or even thousands, then you might want to consider an electric cleaning machine, such as the VC-S3 or VC-E2.

Treat 'em right

The best way to keep your records in peak condition is to take good care of them every time you get them out: only touch the label or the edge of a record, and store it in its sleeve when you're not listening to it – that sort of thing.

A quality record mat can also prevent small scratches or scuffs from building up over time, and cut down on static build-up that can also take a toll on your collection. The Cork It cuts down on wear and tear, and also dampens resonance from metal platters that can hurt the sound of your records. A winning solution all around!