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Handmade in Europe
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Cork It - Cork mat for turntables

With a soft finish and a tactile grip, cork is a great material to rest your records on. The soft surface protects your records from wear and tear, while the textured surface holds your records in place better than a felt mat, meaning your turntable can read the grooves more accurately, and deliver the music as it was intended.

Cork’s density also helps to dampen resonance that some metal platters can create, cutting down on unwanted noise for even clearer sound. It even helps cut down on static build-up, which can be a killer for both your records and your stylus. With so many strengths, Cork It is an incredible upgrade for your turntable!

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Cork mat for turntables

  • Terrific sound upgrade
  • Recommended for Debut, 1Xpression, 2Xperience, 6 Perspex and Xtension model turntables
  • Avoids static build-up
  • Dampens resonance from metal platters