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Hand-Made in Europe – How a Pro-Ject Product is Made

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Vinyl Life Blog Hand-Made in Europe – How a Pro-Ject Product is Made

Overlooking a gorgeous part of Austria’s wine country, Pro-Ject’s headquarters are the beating heart of the company’s operations. Housing offices, design labs and demo rooms, the Mistelbach campus is also the nerve centre that handles thousands of Pro-Ject products every year, shipping them to more than 80 countries around the world. 

Just like when Pro-Ject started making turntables back in 1991, every turntable and hi-fi component that passes through the headquarters is hand-made in Europe, right down to some of the smallest details. Pro-Ject engineers design and machine the majority of parts in-house, so we can offer astounding build quality in every Pro-Ject product.

Those finely crafted parts are then assembled by hand, with no robots or conveyor belts in sight – just the fine attention to detail that only a human touch can deliver. Once each product has been carefully assembled and rigorously tested, it then makes its way to the Weinviertel region and into the massive Pro-Ject warehouse. From there, each turntable and hi-fi component begins a new journey, as it heads off to delight a lucky music-lover somewhere in the world.

Pro-Ject's Mistelbach headquarters