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Turntables, Amps and Speakers - What You Need To Get Going

Vinyl Life Blog

Vinyl Life Blog Turntables, Amps and Speakers - What You Need To Get Going
If you're a first time vinylist, or aspiring to be one, it can be a bit daunting to take the first step. Whether you're interested in the beautiful sound vinyl has to offer, have inherited some records but have no idea what to do with them or just want to have some fun with great music, the Pro-Ject Audio team is here to help you out. With so much on offer though, it's hard to figure out exactly what you need and what you don't.

Major Components of a Hi-Fi System

Any hi-fi system essentially comes down to three parts - the source (turntable, CD player etc), the amplification and the speakers. It may not always appear as such, with all-in-one options or speakers with built-in amplification, but these are the three vital sections.

If you have an amplifier and speakers already, all you need to do is connect your turntable using RCA cables. Make sure your amplifier has an available phono input - if not, you'll also require an external phono stage. The phono stage is necessary to conduct a specialised equalisation of the signal taken from the cartridge. Some turntables come with an inbuilt phono stage, such as the E1 Phono or the T1 Phono SB.


Stereo Box S3 BT

Once you've connected your turntable to your amplifier with a phono stage in between, provided there are speakers connected, you should be good to get going. If you don't have any hi-fi components yet, our Stereo Box S3 BT is a great amp option.


Juke Box E1

For an easy, all-in-one set up, our Juke Box E1 turntable has a built-in amplifier, phono stage and speed controller, so all you need to do is link up a pair of speakers and you're good to go. It's a great sounding system, and you'll never need to struggle with a mess of cables to listen to your vinyl. 

Juke Box E (White)