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Vinyl NRS Box S3

Cleanse Your Filthy Old Records of Their Clicks and Pops

Everyone has their favourite old vinyl record which has gotten damaged over time, is quite noisy and maybe not even available to buy new anymore. Many obscure recordings are also not uploaded to streaming platforms, so the only way to listen to them is on vinyl, but not everyone takes the greatest of care with their collection. Whilst some gentle clicks and hisses here and there can be charming, outright snaps, crackles, and pops can turn you off ever listening to a record. Enter the Vinyl NRS Box S3.

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So How Does It Work?

The Vinyl NRS Box S3 digitises a line signal with into a 24bit/96 kHz signal. High frequency signal components are used as a marker for crackles. The dedicated algorithm can now detect these peaks, and neutralise them. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of the noise reduction with the control knob on the front of the unit. Crackling noises can be reduced by up to 8 dB which significantly improves the listening experience.

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