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VC-S3 Premium Record Cleaning Machine

Vinyl Cleaner for Large Collections

The VC-S3 is Pro-Ject's new premium record cleaning machine that boasts an impressive feature set. Vinyl records need care and maintenance to retain perfect sound. Cleaning with a record brush is a reasonable short-term solution, but to truly clean the grooves you need to wet-clean the record. To achieve perfect cleaning also requires a suitable cleaning fluid. Alcoholic cleaning fluids can gradually destroy musical information in the grooves over time. That‘s the reason why we designed our new eco-friendly non-alcoholic cleaning fluid called Wash it 2. Our new Wash it 2 is a pre-mixed liquid, and doesn't require dilution or preparation on the part of the user.
The VC-S3 cleans records completely in one to two revolutions, making cleaning your records a painless process.

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Pro-Ject's New Flagship Record Cleaner

The new magnetic clamp not only seals the record label from cleaning fluid to avoid damage to the label, it also speeds up the cleaning process significantly. Just place your record on the machine, engage the clamp and you’re ready to go - no more screwing of the clamp required.

The large internal 2.5L container collects used fluid and is effortlessly easy to empty. When using Wash it 2 cleaning solution, the fluid will evaporate in the container, meaning the container needn’t be emptied too often. The VC-S3 effectively combines appealing industrial design with a simple pathway to sound free of clicks and hisses for your vinyl records.

The Perfect Cleaner for Vinyl Fans with Large Collections

• NEW improved cabinet design
• NEW magnetic clamp for quicker cleaning
• NEW vacuum motor with aluminium mounting pads
• NEW self-adhesive arm strip for better cleaning
• NEW Wash it 2 cleaning fluid
• Big 2.5L tank for vacuumed cleaning liquid
• Completely dry record within 2 rotations
• Removes static load of vinyl records
• Removes cleaning fluid (Wash it) residue free
• Eco-friendly non-alcoholic cleaning fluid
• High-end build-quality

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