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Tube Box DS2

Unlike conventional phono stages, the Tube Box DS2 harks back to a classic era of analogue sound, using a pair of valves to amplify your turntable’s signal. That different approach gives your sound a remarkably different feel, with outstanding warmth and a lush, laid-back sound that other phono stages just can’t touch.

The Tube Box DS2’s front-panel controls give you push-button control over your sound, allowing you to customise your settings on the fly to get the most out of your records. Whether with a Moving Magnet or Moving Coil cartridge, the Tube Box DS2 delivers rich, natural tones, proving it to be a sophisticated phono stage for the discerning record lover.

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Valve phono stage with outstanding warmth and a lush, laid-back sound

  • Valve phono stage
  • Works with Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges
  • Front-panel controls for input impedance, capacitance and gain settings
  • Dual-mono circuit architecture
  • Compact, stylish design