Stream Box S2 Ultra


The Pro-Ject S2 series of hi-fi components combines impressive build-quality and stunning sound with revolutionary design to offer a range of amplifiers, phono stages and sources that you can hold in one hand. By challenging conventional hi-fi wisdom, Pro-Ject have created a series of modular components that you can mix and match for your perfect system, all with a footprint that’s a fraction of old-fashioned hi-fi.

Connect the Stream Box S2 Ultra to your system via USB to enjoy all the quality and convenience of high-resolution audio streaming without needing to update the rest of your gear. The Stream Box S2 Ultra has everything you could want ready to go: listen to music using Spotify, Tidal, Roon, DLNA and local network drives in minutes. The Stream Box S2 Ultra also supports AirPlay, and includes internet radio streaming (via Shoutcast).

Got a mighty digital library at home? The Stream Box S2 Ultra can also handle music from USB hard drives, NAS drives and your PC's library — connect to the Micro-USB In, and it'll even clean up USB noise from your PC in the process, giving your collection an extra clarity you never knew you could have. No need to worry about file compatibility, either — the Stream Box S2 Ultra supports almost any file type that your DAC does, even very high-resolution file types like 352.8kHz PCM and DSD256. If your DAC is MQA-enabled, the Stream Box S2 Ultra can pass-through MQA signals without alteration, for exact unfolding by your DAC. The Net/PC button also allows for a PC or Server to be directly connected via USB - benefiting from the same USB detox process without the need to send signals over a wireless or wired network.

The Stream Box S2 Ultra also uses Roon's own RAAT technology, so you can connect it to a traditional USB DAC (or amplifier, or pre-amplifier) to create a Roon Ready endpoint, and bring even more gear into your whole-home audio system.

For an equally well-equipped companion DAC, we recommend the Pre Box S2 Digital — like its sibling, the Pre Box S2 Digital can handle a broad array of high resolution audio, all in the same palm-of-your-hand-sized chassis.