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Ground It E

Anti-vibration Turntable Platform

The Ground it E is a stable and height-adjustable platform for your turntable and hi-fi equipment. Made from heavy-weight MDF, it weighs in at 4.1 kg.

If your turntable lives on a surface or shelf that may be vibration sensitive the Ground It E will reduce the negative effects of an unstable foundation to your music playback.

Dimension W x H x D: 480 x 27 x 390 mm; 480 x 51 x 390 mm incl. feet
Weight: 4.1 kg
Suits the following turntables: Elemental line, Essential line, Debut line, 1Xpression line, RPM 1 and RPM 3 Carbon

$252.00 $279.00
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Give your system a leg up

With the Pro-Ject Ground It E, the upgraded sonic performance of your system creates a natural reproduction of your favourite music, with improved, expressive dynamics and coherent timing. It's amazing how the elimination of extra vibration can elevate your audio.

Adjustable feet

The Pro-Ject Ground It E platform includes four height adjustable conical feet with vibration reducing damping ring for added stability.


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