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Power Box S3 Phono

Double power for your turntable and phono preamp!

Power Box S3 Phono is an efficient and flexible power filter for your turntable and phono preamp. By moving the power supply from outside of the main component, unwanted noise and audio signal contamination is avoided. Clean energy makes a significant positive contribution to the sound quality. The two outputs are specifically engineered to power Pro-Ject turntables and phono preamplifiers. The sophisticated DC filtration can have a dramatic impact on the sound quality. In addition to the sonic improvements, Power Box S3 Phono also offers its users a more streamlined cable solution.

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Purpose-Built to Filter Power For Your Turntable

• Ultra stable & clean power

• Low noise power output

• Linear voltage regulation

• Low ESR capacitors

• Rigid aluminium casing protects against interference

• Available in black or silver

• Made in Europe

Recommended phono preamplifiers to use with Power Box S3 Phono

  • Optical Box E Phono
  • Phono Box
  • Phono Box DS
  • Phono Box DS2
  • Phono Box DS3 B
  • Phono Box DS2 USB
  • Phono Box E
  • Phono Box E BT / BT5
  • Phono Box MM
  • Phono Box S
  • Phono Box S2
  • Phono Box S3 B
  • Phono Box S2 Ultra
  • Phono Box ultra 500
  • Phono Box USB
  • Phono Box USB V
  • Tube Box S2
  • Tube Box DS2

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