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Debut PRO S

The Debut PRO S takes its design cues from the excellent Debut PRO, and adds a 10-inch S-shaped tonearm and a detachable headshell.

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Upgraded aluminium sub-platter

The diamond cut aluminium sub-platter is machined to ultra low tolerances and will be a substantial upgrade to the regular sub-platters that is already on your turntable. It adds more mass to the entire platter and drive system, resulting in additional damping of noise and unwanted resonances

Not a straight line.

The super stiff and uniquely dampened S-shaped 10" aluminium tonearm ensures perfect tracking of the record groove.

A new platter – a deeper dish

The die-cast aluminium platter is reworked and precision balanced in an extra step to obtain an even spin. It is anti-magnetic, allowing also MC cartridges to work properly, and also has a ring made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) on the inside that helps to dampen all resonances and minimizes wow and flutter. 

What's in the box?

Debut PRO S turntable
Power supply
RCA cable - 1.2m

Debut PRO S Specs

Speed 33⅓, 45/78 (electronic speed change & belt change)
Platter 300mm, die cast aluminium platter with TPE damping
Drive Principle belt drive with electronic speed control
Platter bearing high precision stainless steel axle in bronze bushing

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