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Measure It DS

Digital Tracking Force Scale

Measure It DS is a compact precision tracking force gauge, designed for compatibility with all cartridge and tonearm combinations, regardless of their weight, shape, or design.

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Precision tracking

Other less expensive scales can be cumbersome and overly complex to use with specific cartridges, particularly as you graduate to heavier and larger high-end pickups. Unlike these, Measure it DS simplifies your setup process, making it an ideal and future-proof choice. This scale is factory-calibrated, ensuring highly accurate tracking force measurements. Plus, its non-magnetic scale surface is particularly suitable for MC cartridges.


Capacity: 0.01 - 200g

Precision: 0,01g

Pre-calibrated at factory for ultimate precision

Scale design optimised to work with any cartridge and tonearm combination

Non-magnetic scale surface (especially important for MC cartridges)

Auto off after 60 seconds

2 x AAA batteries included

LCD screen with back lighting

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