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High Power It

Suitable for all 15V Pro-Ject turntables

We designed the High Power It as a three pin power supply with ground connection for Pro-Ject turntables to get rid of these ground related hum problems, especially occurring with amplifiers with "floating mass“, which have no real ground connection.

The High Power it delivers cleaner current and more power to all 15V DC Pro-Ject turntables with or without hum issues.

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Arriving 18th September

Remove unwanted hum from record playback

All good turntables have a seperate ground cable which is connected to the ground terminal on amplifiers or phonostages to remove the sound of hum in your playback.

However, many modern amps, like soundbars or streaming speakers have no ground terminal connection. These systems are referenced as “floating mass systems“. If a standard turntable is connected to such a "floating mass“ amplifier, audible hum will be the result.

Enter, the High Power It.

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