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Ortofon Hi-Fi Stylus Gauge

Stylus Tracking Force Gauge

This little pressure gauge is an easy way to make sure your tonearm is balanced properly, so your cartridge is getting enough pressure to keep it firmly in the groove without pushing down too hard on your records. 

Get the balance right, and you’ll find your records sound more lively and detailed, with less distortion or skipping.

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May the force be with you

Getting the balance right on your tonearm can make a world of difference to how your music sounds and how long your records last. It’s a fiddly process, and most of the time it gets lumped in the “too hard” basket. 

Too much weight and the music will sound muddy, too light and the needle will miss important details and may even skip. Using the Ortofon Stylus Gauge, make sure you check the tracking force of your cartridge every 6 months or so to get the most out of your music.

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