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Ortofon Hi-Fi 2M Red Stylus

Moving Magnet Tipped Elliptical Stylus

The 2M Red Stylus is the replacement tip for your existing 2M Red cartridge. You should upgrade your stylus when it starts to collect a lot of dust after each playback. We find with proper care that up to 1000 hours is possible without degradation of performance.

$135.00 $149.00
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Physically 2M styli will fit on alternative 2M cartridges bodies also, but 2M Series cartridge engines are different across some of the models. For the best results, use the below chart to see which stylus’ are interchangeable.

2M series styli are interchangeable within the below combinations:

  • 2M Red, 2M Blue and 2M Silver
  • 2M Bronze and 2M Black
  • 2M Mono and 2M 78

To ensure the longevity of your stylus, remove all dust carefully from your record surface by using the Pro-Ject Brush-It before every use. If you see dust build up on the end of your stylus, use the Pro-Ject Clean-It a few times along the cantilever in a forward direction from the rear of the cartridge towards the stylus tip. Note: never from stylus tip to the rear of the cartridge and never from side to side, this can cause undue damage. This will take all normal dust and most of the slick release agent from new records. Following this treatment there will normally be no need for further stylus cleaning.


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