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Damp It - High-End damping feet

When you get right down to it, your music is nothing more than vibrations. And with sensitive hi-fi equipment, especially something like a turntable that’s already working with a very soft signal, stray vibrations creeping in can muddy the sound and leave your music sounding dull. Whether they come from other devices on the same shelf, or the thunder of passing feet, or even a rumbling motor like a fridge, keeping stray vibrations out of your music makes for a more natural sound, and a more enjoyable listening experience.

Using Damp It to isolate your gear offers instant protection from unwanted vibrations, so you hear your music just as it was supposed to be enjoyed. Damp It can be used with your turntable, your phono stage, your CD player, your amplifier, and even your speakers – any hi-fi gear up to 20kg stands to benefit from the isolation Damp It provides. Simply place a Damp It under each foot of your hi-fi gear to keep it out of reach of those unwanted vibrations, and hear the difference for yourself!

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Damp It shock absorbers

  • 4 Damp Its in a pack
  • Helps keep unwanted vibrations out of your music
  • Suitable for just about any hi-fi gear weighing <20kg