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Connect It Phono E

Phono Cable with Grounding Cable

More than just carrying the signal, phono cables do a very delicate job in helping bring your music to life. 

The signal coming out of a turntable is typically very soft, waiting to be boosted to a listenable level by a phono stage – if any interference creeps in as the signal is passed along, that gets boosted too, resulting in more noise in your music.

It measures 1.23m long.

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Our goal for the "Connect it E" cables is to create neutral audiophile cables for a reasonable price. 

All E-Line connectors, including our True Balanced mini XLR plugs, feature gold-plated brass connectors to ensure a long-lasting ideal conductivity. The line & phono cables, except the True Balanced cables, are semi-symmetrical type cables, which means that the shielding is only connected on one end. Therefore, the yellow marked side should always be connected to the receiving end.

To use our True Balanced Connection, your Pro-Ject turntable needs to be equipped with an MC cartridge or the Pick it PRO Balanced .

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