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Acryl It - Acrylic Turntable Platter

Acrylic and vinyl go together like wine and cheese. Machined to match the acoustic properties of a record, the Acryl It is designed to disappear, so you hear nothing but the music on your favourite album.

Standard metal platters can produce unwanted resonance, which can muddy the sound coming off your record. Upgrading to the Acryl It makes a difference immediately, removing those resonances entirely so that your music can soar freely. The result is a brighter, more detailed sound profile than before, so you can fall in love with your favourite albums all over again.

The change is easily made: just exchange your metal platter for Acryl It. Unlike metal platters, where you will need to place a felt met between the record and the platter to damp metal resonance, you can put your record directly on the acrylic surface, with nothing in between. Acryl It will improve the overall performance of your turntable significantly.

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Acrylic turntable platter

  • Suitable for Debut and Xpression turntables
  • Reduces resonances when playing records
  • Cutout for the record’s label
  • Instant sound upgrade

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