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Connecting your turntable via Bluetooth

If you’re thinking of getting into vinyl and you’re already set up with a Bluetooth device, we’ve got a simple solution that’ll bridge the gap between analogue and digital, and allow you to use your slick new turntable with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker or amplifier.

How does it work?

Phono Box E BT

The Pro-Ject Phono Box E BT offers a simple one-box solution to turn your turntable into a wireless streaming powerhouse.

The Phono Box E BT has two input options which are toggled by a switch on the rear of the unit. The ‘phono’ option is for turntables without an onboard phono stage, whereas if you’re rocking a deck with phono onboard, you’d select ‘line’.

Once you’re all hooked up, just plug your unit in to give it power, and then pair it with any Bluetooth capable devices within a ten metre range. This could be a Bluetooth speaker like a Bose SoundLink, a pair of Bluetooth headphones, or a Bluetooth-enabled amplifier.

What turntable works best?

If this is your first foray into the world of vinyl, we recommend our Pro-Ject Primary E + Phono Box E BT, which we offer as a bundle.

Pro-Ject Audio Primary E Turntable

This gets you a European-made hifi turntable made from high quality materials seen in models that sell for two and three times the price that’s capable of streaming straight out of the box. It couldn’t be easier.

By popular request: If you are looking at more "upgrade-friendly" turntable options to connect to your Bluetooth speaker, we now also offer bundles further up the Pro-Ject range.


Essential III BT

Debut Carbon Evo BT