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VC-S MKII (Vinyl Cleaner S)

A powerful and effective wet-cleaning machine, the VC-S will remove dust, dirt and debris from your records in no time, offering a whole new lease on life for well-loved LPs.

The VC-S cleans your 12” records in just a few spins. Simply apply the Wash It cleaning concentrate as instructed, and secure the record with the clamp – not only does the clamp hold your record in place during cleaning, it keeps the cleaning fluid away from the delicate label. After a few spins, the VC-S’s vacuum will have removed all the fluid, taking the dirt and debris away with it. You’re left with a sparkling record that sounds bright and vibrant once more, with an anti-static treatment that will help both record and stylus sound better for longer.

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Record Cleaning Machine

  • Complete ready to start package for wet vinyl cleaning
  • Superfast & superstrong cleaning
  • Exhaustion of cleaning liquid from record
  • Completely dry record in 1 or 2 complete rotations
  • Cleaning fluid includes anti-static remedy
  • Label protection is done by waterproof clamp
  • Accessory package includes brush, vinyl cleaning fluid