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Fast Delivery 2 Year Warranty Handmade in Europe
Fast Delivery
2 Year Warranty
Handmade in Europe

CD Box S2

Compact CD Player

Everybody remembers the first CD they ever bought. Now you can listen to it!

The CD Box S2 is the ideal solu­tion. It's an ultra-compact design, with a carefully manufactured, high-quality aluminum case and buttons.  

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Compact and Chic

  • An advanced DAC-chip enables a more precise and detailed digital to analog conversion of your music, ours has the addition of IIR and FIR filters. FIR filters are are a complex digital signal process enabling a finer reproduction of the digital signal. The ideal base for even better sound from your CDs! For even more versatility and no limits towards the top, the optical digital output can feed an external DAC. This way, you can let your favourite high-end DAC convert the accurately transferred bitstream from your CDs too.

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