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Essential III BT Bundle

The Pro-Ject Essential III BT is the perfect solution for the budding audiophile, with precision-crafted materials and a simple, elegant design that looks as lovely as it sounds. We've upped the anti, with the ability to stream your Essential III to any Bluetooth speaker.

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The Pro-Ject Essential III BT is the perfect solution for the budding audiophile, with precision-crafted materials and simple, elegant designs that look as lovely as they sound. Building on the award-winning Essential II, the new Essential III BT features a more refined bearing and an improved MDF body to give you smooth playback and a lively, balanced sound.

Wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth speaker

The Pro-Ject Phono Box E BT is a fantastic option for entry-level vinyl enthusiasts. Allowing you to connect two separate inputs, one phono for your turntable and one line level input. 

 It can be used as an ordinary MM phono stage that connects to any hifi amplifier or powered speaker via its line level output (3.5mm jack) or it can be used as a Bluetooth streamer for you to connect to a Bluetooth speaker.

Simple, elegant design

Clean lines and classic geometry make the Essential III BT a stylish addition to any room, continuing Pro-Ject’s decades-long reputation for elegant, understated turntables.

Ortofon OM10 Cartridge & aluminium tonearm.

The Essential III BT comes pre-fitted with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge. Its smooth movement allows the OM10 to extract astounding new details from your records, and bring them to life with a vivid, evocative feel.

The cartridge works in concert with Pro-Ject’s finely-engineered 8.6” aluminium tonearm to reveal detail in your favourite records like you’ve never heard before.

MDF construction

A major design evolution from the award-winning Essential II, the MDF used in the body and platter of the Essential III BT offers a more solid build, with better vibration-management for a smooth, natural tone.

Adjustable Counterweight & Anti-skating weight

Unlike the Jukebox & Primary lines, the Essential ranges features adjustable counterweights and anti-skating weights to accomodate any stylus or cartridge upgrade in the future.

Manual speed control

Play both 33rpm and 45rpm records with a simple adjustment of the pulley which the drive belt sits on.

What's in the box?

Essential III BTTurntable
Power Supply
Fixed 1.2m RCA Cable

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Another excellent Pro-Ject turntable with a tempting upgrade options. Another five-star review – the company simply can’t shake the habit of turning out top-class turntables.

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This is a superbly well thought out and implemented turntable that, if given a reasonable phono stage, can produce a performance that is superior to anything else under $800. For that reason, it has to be considered a Best Buy.

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