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Essential Ensemble

A hi-fi pack built specifically for all of your analogue and digital needs
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It's got it all! Whether you are a vinyl junkie, a Bluetooth bandit, or you just want to be able to hear your TV through a nice set of speakers, the Essential Ensemble is a compact hi-fi system that can deliver all of the goods.

What about the next level up? Designer Debut System
Designer Debut System Debut Carbon Evo Turntable

What? Real wood!? The Debut Carbon Evo is the latest edition of the Debut turntable family, the most popular turntable that Pro-Ject has ever made and it is easy to see why! It's stunning!

The Debut Carbon Evo is the perfect mix of materials, ease of use and the ability to take it's performance to the next level with a whole slew of upgrades.

Popular add on's include: acrylic platters, cartridges, stylus, cables, leather & cork mats.

MaiA DS2 Amplifier

The MaiA DS2 is the granddaddy of Pro-Ject's integrated amplifier range. Designed to perfectly match the walnut veneer of our turntables and speakers, this amplifier is far more than just a pretty face.

With all the features you want or will ever need in a stereo amplifier, the MaiA DS2 comfortably competes with amplifiers 2 or 3 times it's size.

Speaker Box 5 S2

The Speaker Box 5 S2 is the logical step up from the Speaker Box 5 in the Essential Ensemble Pack. Although the two sets of speakers share the same footprint, the Speaker Box 5 S2 is designed with a silk dome tweeter and fibreglass dome to give you a more accurate replication of the music you are listening to and the artists original intent.

That, and they look really really nice in the wood veneer.

What do I get for a little extra money?

Turntable: Essential III

$659 RRP 

The Pro-Ject Essential III is the perfect solution for the budding audiophile, with precision-crafted materials and simple, elegant design that looks as lovely as they sound. Building on the award-winning Essential II, the new Essential III features a more refined bearing and an improved MDF body to give you smooth playback and a lively, balanced sound.

Amplifier: MaiA S2

$979 RRP 

MAIA stands for "My adorable integrated amplifer" - well, it doesn't but it IS a cute sized amplifier. Don't be fooled though, this compact design does not mean you are missing out on features or quality.

Inside you will find a high-quality moving magnet phono stage, 3 analogue inputs, USB, Digital Coax, Optical inputs and it even has Bluetooth!

Check out the matching CD Box S2 as an optional extra too!

Speakers: Speaker Box 5

$549 RRP 

A stylish addition to any living space, you can't beat the classic lines of the Pro-Ject Speaker Box 5. Utilizing a 2-way monitor speaker design, the slick look is maintained because the bass reflex system is on back side.

The result? Tight and clear bass, minimalist looks and outstanding performance for their size.

What's in the box?

Essential Ensemble
Turntable Dustcover
2x 1.5m Speaker Cable

Industry Reviews

The most remarkable aspect of the MaiA S2 was its sound. It was a revelation to hear what 25Wpc was able to do with the variety of speakers I drove with it. The MaiA S2 sounded way better than I thought it could -- it punched way above its class. Don’t make the mistake I almost did and laugh it off when you see how tiny it is: This is a seriously high-fidelity integrated-DAC. If you’re in the market for a starter or desktop audio system, or a system for a smaller room, I highly recommend that you give the MaiA S2 a listen.

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Place a record on the platter ... and you’ll soon be treated to the trademark Pro-Ject sound. This is a good thing... Another budget Pro-Ject turntable, another five-star review – the company simply can’t shake the habit of turning out top-class turntables.

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