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Essential III Phono

The Pro-Ject Essential III Phono is the perfect solution for the budding audiophile, with precision-crafted materials and a simple, elegant design that looks as lovely as it sounds. Featuring a built-in phono stage, the Essential III Phono will fit easily into most sound systems.

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Turntable Amplifier
Phonostage Speakers
Prefit with Ortofon OM 10 Cartridge Dust cover included

The easiest way to add vinyl to your system

Building on Pro-Ject’s award-winning Essential II, the Essential III Phono features a more refined bearing and an improved MDF body to give you smooth playback and a lively, balanced sound. With an understated elegance and European-built quality, the Essential III Phono is a delight you’ll treasure for years to come. The Essential III Phono comes pre-fitted with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge, which works in concert with Pro-Ject’s finely-engineered 8.6” aluminium tonearm to reveal detail in your favourite records like you’ve never heard before. And with its built-in phono stage, the Essential III Phono fits easily into most sound systems.

Simple, elegant design

Clean lines and classic geometry make the Essential III a stylish addition to any room, continuing Pro-Ject’s decades-long reputation for elegant, understated turntables.

Built-in phono stage

The sound coming from a turntable is extremely soft, so it requires a boost to get it to a listenable level. That’s the job of a phono stage, and the Essential III Phono has a phono stage built-in to make it easy to set up. Even better, the high-quality phono stage can be switched on or off as required, so the Essential III Phono can be paired with a new phono stage if you choose to upgrade in the future.

MDF construction

A major design evolution from the award-winning Essential II, the MDF used in the body and platter of the Essential III offers a more solid build, with better vibration-management for a smooth, natural tone.

Ortofon OM10 Cartridge & aluminium tonearm.

The Essential III Phono comes pre-fitted with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge. Its smooth movement allows the OM10 to extract astounding new details from your records, and bring them to life with a vivid, evocative feel. The cartridge works in concert with Pro-Ject’s finely-engineered 8.6” aluminium tonearm to reveal detail in your favourite records like you’ve never heard before.

Manual speed control

Play both 33rpm and 45rpm records with a simple adjustment of the pulley which the drive belt sits on.

Adjustable Counterweight & Anti-skating weight

Unlike the Jukebox & Primary lines, the Essential ranges features adjustable counterweights and anti-skating weights to accomodate any stylus or cartridge upgrade in the future.

What's in the box?

Essential III Phono Turntable
Dust cover
RCA cable - 1.2m

Essential III Phono Specs

Speed 33, 45 (manual speed change)
Tonearm 8.6”, aluminium
Principle Belt drive
Outputs RCA Line, RCA Phono

Industry Reviews

The Pro-Ject Essential III is a good looking turntable, with very good audio performance and optional upgrades that can make it even better. It’s a great choice for someone whose vinyl collection and love of analog music has outgrown entry level turntables... The premium components used for the Pro-Ject Essential III make it sound even better than you might expect

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Place a record on the platter ... and you’ll soon be treated to the trademark Pro-Ject sound. This is a good thing... Another budget Pro-Ject turntable, another five-star review – the company simply can’t shake the habit of turning out top-class turntables.

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Customer reviews

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Dustcover included
Phono out
Line out
On-board switchable phono amp
Speed Control
Manual 33 / 45 rpm speed
Push button 33 & 45 speed control
Ortofon OM 10
8.6” aluminium tonearm
Directly soldered phono cable
High quality RCA phono cable with grounding spades
Adjustable counterweight
Anti-skating weight
Adjustable anti-skating weight
Perimeter motor
MDF platter
MDF plinth