Debut Stereo System


A hi-fi system can be greater that the sum of its parts. With a few smart choices, you can level up your sound big time.

As recommended by...

"It's powerful enough to drive weighty bass thumps, but also has the high-end detail to make cymbal crashes and electronica sound engaging and lively." - On the MaiA Integrated Amplifier

"The sound the S15 produces is musical and fun, with an emphasis towards powerful bass and crisp treble." - On Polk Signature S15

"It's a beautiful piece of equipment, too — minimal in its design, with the platter and tonearm being the only things on a glossy black base." - On the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 

- Campbell Simpson for Gizmodo, February 16, 2017. 

Enter the Debut Stereo System...


The Debut Carbon OM10 was designed to set new standards in the turntable category for the coming years – perfect timing, since today vinyl is once again a highly respected source, while the demand for great sounding turntable is skyrocketing.

Standalone cost: $549 RRP

The MaiA Integrated Amplifier is a compact amplifier with ultimate input flexiblity and a no-compromise sound. Delivering an outstanding tube-like sound (thanks to the use of Flying Mole amp modules) and a high-class 24bit/192kHz D/A converter stage, the MaiA is truly the audio-lovers choice. Despite its small size, up to nice sources can be connected simultaneously. MaiA can take pretty much anything you throw at it - it's future proof!

Standalone cost: $699 RRP

The Polk Signature S15 is a compact bookshelf speaker that continues in the Polk tradition of Real American HiFi. Featuring hi-res certification, a new Dynamic Balance designed acoustic array, precision cross-overs, an anti-diffraction grille, modern cabinet styling and exclusive Power Port bass enhancing technology, you'll get elevated sound for your music and other media applications.

Standalone cost: $499 RRP

The pack includes all the cables and bits you need to hook everything up! Easy!

Combined pack price is $1500 RRP with a total system value of $1806 inc. GST.

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