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Fast Delivery 2 Year Warranty Handmade in Europe
Fast Delivery
2 Year Warranty
Handmade in Europe

16V AC Power Supply

If you're looking for a spare adaptor for your AC input Pro-Ject Audio turntable, we've got it. 

This 16V 50Hz adaptor matches the power requirements of our AC input turntables.

Important: Not suitable for DC input turntables 


Make sure you've got the right power supply!

Before you order, look at the back of your turntable to find out which power supply you need. You’ll find a small label next to the socket where the power cable plugs in that tells you what you need.

Turntable 16V
16V AC power supply

If the sticker has “16V” next to a wavy line (or a tilde), the 16V AC power supply is the one you need.

Turntable 15V
15V power supply

If you find a sticker with “15V” next to a solid horizontal line over three shorter straight lines, you’ll need the 15V DC power supply – order that here.