Juke Box E with OM5E


A decent hi-fi system can be a confusing an expensive thing to set up. Not everyone has space for a pre-amp, a power-amp, a phono stage, a turntable, etc etc, let alone the know-how to get it set up properly! Enter the Juke Box E -- a complete hi-fi system packed into a standard-sized turntable, ready to play records in no time.

With a phono stage, integrated amplifier and Bluetooth all built-in, The Juke Box E has everything set up for an instant hi-fi system. It even comes with the counterweight pre-set! You can be playing records or streaming music from your phone via Bluetooth within minutes: just open the box, plug the turntable into power and add speakers for a hassle-free audio experience. Or grab the Juke Box System, complete with Pro-Ject speakers, to get everything you need in the one place!

Once you lower the pre-fitted Ortofon OM5E cartridge onto a record, you’ll be impressed by the rich, detailed sound, and the room-filling power its built-in amplifier delivers. With the winning combination of sound quality and unbeatable convenience, the Juke Box is a big deal in a small package.

Available in Piano Black, Glossy Red and Glossy White.