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Take care of your turntable and keep your records clean, and you’ll be enjoying your vinyl collection for years to come. Pro-Ject’s range of cleaning and care accessories will protect your beloved gear from dust, dirt and unwanted interference, so you can put on a record on and know that it’s going to sound its very best.

Record Cleaning

Keep your records clean, and they’ll sound better – simple as that! Dirt, dust and other debris stuck in the grooves can make your music sound flat and lifeless, or even cause them to wear out faster. Clean records are also better for your turntable, helping the stylus sound sharper for longer. A little maintenance goes a long way when it comes to vinyl, so make sure you’ve got the right gear on hand to treat your collection right.

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Sound Optimisation

Depending on which turntable you have, there are a range of ways you can tweak your sound to get more out of your gear without replacing the whole thing. Turntable mats can add a distinctive tone to your music, or you could try an acrylic platter that basically sounds invisible, so you can hear your records more clearly. Customise your setup to suit your tastes, and find new ways to enjoy your favourite albums!

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Styli & Cartridges

Keep your records sounding crisp with our range of Stlyi and Cartridges from Ortofon.

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Spare parts

Maybe a part got lost when you moved house, or you’ve worn it out through loving use. We’ve got the parts you need to get your Pro-Ject gear working like new again right here.

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