RSDA #designaproject Winner

And the winner is...

Our winning design from @lukava

@lukava submitted the winning design (pictured above). Luka Va is a Melbourne-based artist who originally hails from Lithuania.

The design is inspired by wildlife (birds being the musicians of nature) and urban lifestyle. The design will go into production soon and we expect it to land in Australia in several months' time. We'll keep you posted.

This year, we gave vinyl lovers the chance to imagine their own unique turntable design through our #designaproject competition on Instagram.

We had tons of amazing entries and wish we could print them all.

The winning design is to be printed on a limited run of Debut Carbons. The artist will receive one of these turntables along with a complete hi-fi system valued at over $2,000, and the 'table will be made available to the public in limited numbers.

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