Get The Most Out Of Your Debut or 1 Xpression Series Turntable

Xpression Turntable
At Pro-Ject we go to great lengths when designing new turntables to get the best quality sound possible. One of the ways we can improve sound quality is by isolating the motor to avoid motor vibrations, or rumble, being transferred through the deck and ultimately your ears.

The Debut and 1 Xpression series of turntables feature a suspended motor design that requires the two transport screws to be removed for optimum sound quality. 

Fortunately this is an easy process:

Step 1 - Remove the platter

Step 2 - Remove the 2 transport screws which secure the motor during transportation

Step 3 - Replace the platter

Turntable Platter Turntable Transport Screws  Replacing Platter

You should now experience your quality turntable free of vibration and rumble.
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