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The Pro-Ject Brush-It Phono Brushit Large

The Pro-Ject Brush-It is a great value anti static record brush which helps remove lint, dust and other light contaminants from your records before playback. There are many different techniques for using a record brush but the most popular method is to run the turntable at 45rpm and hold the brush in a stationary position for around 15 seconds. When the record appears clean drag it diagonally off the record. This allows any untrapped dust to be pushed off the record. Repeat this process as required.

The Clean-It Stylus Brush

Clean-It Stylus Brush

The Clean-It stylus brush is a cheap and effective tool for keeping your stylus clean. The correct technique for using the stylus brush is to lightly brush from the back of the stylus towards the front. Take care not to brush sideways as this can damage the fragile stylus of your cartridge.

The record and stylus brushes are essential items for daily maintenance and maximum enjoyment of your vinyl collection. Note that it’s advisable to not touch the brush fibres with your fingers as the natural oils from your skin can attract additional dust and / or damage your records.

The Spin Clean

Spin Clean

A record cleaner system is the easiest, most effective and most affordable solution to deep cleaning your records and ensuring the cleanliness of your turntable. The Spin Clean record washer system will dig deep into the grooves of your vinyl collection, washing away the dirt and grime, and breathing new life into records. And unlike other record cleaning machines, the Spin Clean Record Washer MK II enables you to clean both sides of your record at once with unparalleled results.

Your albums and singles will sound as they were intended to, offering the highest fidelity and most superb acoustic sound. If you've been looking for the ultimate solution in how to clean vinyl records, your search is over. Spin-Clean® is the best vinyl record cleaner on the market.

Record washers not only bring back the breathtaking sound of high-quality vinyl, they can elevate the value of the records in your collection. Vinyl free from scratches and wear and tear can be worth up to ten times what a worn record costs. Make the most out of your valuable albums by giving your vinyl the treatment they deserve.

To check out the entire range of cleaning products from Pro-Ject Audio click here.

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