Our Debut Carbon is a star at GOMA's Seen + Heard Exhibition

The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia has done it again. The Seen + Heard exhibition is a diverse collection of artworks, installations, vinyl assortments and music memorabilia, examining the relationships between culture and music, sound and image.

GOMA Seen at Heard Exhibition

We and our Brisbanite friends have always loved GOMA, but this exhibition is for more than just art lovers. The massive amount of vinyl on show is worth a look on its own, not to mention the interesting collectibles that throw back to the lesser known history of music. It's an ideal medium for expressing what the gallery is going for - more than just an individual serving of timely audio, it's also intimately physical and capable of expressing an era with album art. The exhibition also features big pieces, such as Candice Breitz's 2005 King (a portrait of Michael Jackson).

The Iconic Debut Carbon

Our iconic Debut Carbon turntable got a feature, acting as the canvas for some exquisite platter pop art. The exhibition is free and running until the 3rd of August. Be sure to check it out if you can.

Debut Carbon Turntable

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