Looking Back on Record Store Day

Music Record Store DayOk, so we're just over two months from RSD 2014. That means it's almost time for vinyl's young gun enthusiasts to start frothing at the mouth. The early birds start thinking about it in February, The regulars start planning their movements late March, and the slowpokes jump out of bed at midday on April 19, chuck on some jeans and run to their local record store to see what pickings they can still scrounge up.

Starting in the US in 2008, about 300 stores participated in the first Record Store Day, made to celebrate music and the art of audio. It was hosted by Metallica with a handful of RSD special release albums. 2008 ended up being a huge year for vinyl - while sales had plateaued since 1993, this was the first year that the real boom began. US sales doubled.

RSD 2009

In 2009, RSD spread to ten more countries, with around a thousand stores worldwide joining in on the fun. Stores around the world had artist guest spots, were filled with special releases and brimming with young vinylphiles looking for collectibles.

It continued to grow in successive years alongside the massive boom in vinyl sales. It's hard to tell what part RSD played in the resurgence of vinyl, but it's been very influential in young vinyl culture, bringing new people out to explore stores and developing links between listeners and record store staff. 

RSD 2011

2011 saw the release of the documentary Sound It Out, which told the story of the event's induction. 

RSD 2012 and 2013

More than 600 special RSD releases were released worldwide in 2012, and 2013 was the biggest RSD yet for stores in the country. This leaves us looking ahead (already) to 2014... Who knows what could be in store?

DW Record Store

It's a big event, and not one we recommend to the uninitiated. As it's gotten bigger and bigger, stores on RSD have gotten busier and busier, with special releases being highly sought after. If you are going for the first time, take some trips to your local store ahead of time and practice your speediest crate-digging.

Keep an eye out for more information - when we have a store list and more to tell we'll release it here. There may be some special Pro-Ject in-store offers to announce too!

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