ALBUM REVIEW: Last Dinosaurs - Yumeno Garden

Brisbane natives Last Dinosaurs have returned with their third studio album, Yumeno Garden.

Following up from 2015’s Wellness album Last Dinosaurs have picked up from where left off, continuing with their unique 90’s inspired nu disco and alternative rock sound. The album is full of big jittery guitars, reverb out vocals and full on indie dance tracks. The opener Eleven sets the tone for the album with lo-fi phased out guitar rhythms and catchy vocals.

A stand out track is Italo Disco a slow down track which very reminiscent of some of the Italo Disco tracks from the 80’s. The lead synth line flows throughout the song, and a real smooth drum beat keeps the track going.


Shallow Boy is fun track with a big summer vibe, verse leads up to a chorus with a big wash of reverb. The song sticks in your head, I can’t stop singing this song it’s so catchy!

Yumeno Garden is a great Summer listen, going through dance songs to slow jams, it’s a really enjoyable album!

If you’re a fan of Phoenix and San Cisco you will definitely enjoy this album!

ALBUM REVIEW: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - IC-01 Hanoi

Unknown Mortal Orchestra takes you on a ride through Hanoi, Vietnam with their new experimental new LP IC-01 Hanoi.


Only months after releasing their fourth album ‘Sex and Food’, Unknown Mortal Orchestra have released their second album for 2018, ‘IC-01 Hanoi’. The seven track instrumental LP takes inspiration from where it was recorded at the Phù Sa Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam. The album originated during the recording sessions of ‘Sex and Food’ earlier this year and draws influences from Vietnam. Collaborating with with local Hanoi musician Minh Nguyen as well as Ruban Nielson's father, the album is a swirling jazz/funk-infused cruise.

The album has the distinct sound of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, with the phased drums that Nielson will never reveal the secrets too and the iconic twang sound of the Jagstang guitar. IC-01 Hanoi is a smooth yet storm of instrumentation, Hanoi 6 starts off as a smooth ride then builds into a avant garde climax.


The album varies between Punk to Experimental Jazz with psychedelia throughout. Hanoi 4 is a blend of Funk and a Film Score, drawing inspirations from Parliament and the soundtrack to Mad Max Fury Road. The song feels like a drive on a highway in a distant future waste land.


It’s not just a background listen.

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