A Knock-out Review Of The Xtension 10 Evolution from DAR!

Analogue vs. digital - The age old debate...

In a world where digital recordings are pressed to wax while precious master tapes are being digitised, compressed, mastered and mastered again, it's tricky to know which side of the fence one should fall on. More often than not, the proclivity of each individual appears to be simply a matter of faith.

Enter - The equally irreverent and pragmatic John Darko of Digital Audio Review.

While the saltatory steps of upgrading your digital system can seem to soar further and further upward like Icarus unleashed, read on as John revels in the continuum of increasing joy one can find in - what some might agree - is a relatively soberly priced turntable-centric audio system.

Xtension 10 Evolution Review from DAR

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