Michael Fremer of Analog Planet Tries Out the Xtension 10

Xtension 10 Mahogany

"The ‘table exhibits excellent rhythm’n’pacing, which isn’t surprising given the bass performance but it’s enhanced by impressively clean transient performance, free of smear or softness... tonearms of this build quality can cost as much as the entire package... A good deal in my book."

Xtension 10

'Lifestyle' turntable Michael? Oh, please. To be fair, the analogue audio heavyweight Michael Fremer is used to reviewing turntables costing many, many times more than our high end Xtension 10, but we're a little shocked to hear a phrase like 'lifestyle product'  thrown around with our high mass (22 Kg), ultra-low resonance turntable. 

Nonetheless, this bad boy got a great review, with an in-depth breakdown of build and sound. We definitely recommend checking it out if you're interested in an audiophile (not lifestyle) turntable.

Read the full review here.


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