The Xtension 10 Will Knock Your Socks Off

Xtension 10 Mahogany

With the buzz surrounding our midrange lines, such as the Debut Carbon, you might not hear about our high end range quite as often. The Xtension 10 is Pro-Ject's high mass turntable titan, with ultra-low resonance and a sound to die for. 

Shipped with our much-loved 10cc Evolution tonearm, this turntable battles with much more expensive competitors. It also comes in three stunning, high gloss finishes: olive, mahogany and piano.

"Through the Xtension 10, Pro-Ject has made a very strong case to be considered a serious contender in a more upscale turntable market. This turntable has the build quality and looks to hold its own among turntables costing thousands more."

Read a full run-through from Secrets of Home Theatre and High Fidelity here.

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